You can easily sign up right here. Simply follow this link and fill out your registration.

No – your account and the services are free of charge. By creating an account, you will have free access to the basic set of services. Higher status levels are connected to the collection of points and previous consumption of services.

Our data collection is listed in the terms and conditions of the Pro Portal, which you can access here. We do not sell your personal data or usage data to 3rd parties as this portal is not advertising driven.  Anything that is not on your public “craftsmen profile” is properly protected. The collection of the data will help to provide our community with better services in the future.

The “craftsmen profile” is like a public business card for our members: Everyone who signs up will automatically have a profile about his company. This is the opportunity to upload your best jobs and show what your skills as a professional.
Craftsmen profiles get listed in the search engine on our Ceresit website. Allowing people who need a professional like you for the next refurbishment of their bathroom, the renovation of the balcony or installation of a thermal insulation façade system.

The craftsmen profile is the first service you will experience. We give exclusive access to technical know how – articles, onsite and online trainings – and a point collection system.

In general, points are collected by taking part in trainings and by buying products from Ceresit.

  • After every onsite training, our instructor will let you know, how to get your points.
  • Our eLearnings will account points to you automatically.
  • When buying one of our products, you will find a code attached to the product or inside the packaging

To exchange codes into points, you just log in and enter the loyalty section of the portal. Needless to say: each code can only be used once.
You can see the points you recently earned when you are logged in on your “account” page.

The most important thing you get on the long run, are status upgrades. With a higher status level, additional services come along.
But you can also use them in exchange for useful products. For instance: Working cloths, tool bags, power tools etc. Just have a look at our shop and see, what we offer.

For 2 years from the time of your code exchange. Or – if earlier – until you have used them ;) 

A status upgrade is a combination of different activities. There are points you have to collect, your craftsmen profile should be filled and you should have taken part in some of our training offer. After progressing, you will get beyond the status ”Profi” – and become an “Expert”.
To reach the “Ambassador” status, the same rules apply. Ambassadors are active members of the group and examples for future generations. We have had the chance to mutually learn from ambassadors in the course of onsite trainings. Concrete point barriers for the next status, you will be able to see after the login on your “Account” page.

As one example: Our “Expert” status has the ability to upload more projects to his craftsmen profile, showing your customers more of your abilities and skills. You will find out more about services that go hand in hand with your account status on your account page once you are logged in.

Simply go to the registration & login page by clicking the link here.

We kindly ask you to get in touch with us – either by writing an email to ADRESS@ENTER.PLS or calling our service line at: +…….. – we are sure, we will be able to help you.